Making Meatballs on the Today Show

This Thursday, June 19th, I’ll be making meatballs, an antipasti platter, and sharing tiramisu secrets on THE TODAY SHOW! I am so stoked, and I hope you’ll tune in Friday morning to watch me.

Here are some things I like to put on an antipasti platter when I’m entertaining:

Antipasti Platter

Prosciutto di Parma           ¼ pound
Soppressata Sweet             ¼ pound
Soppressta Hot                  ¼ pound
Genoa Salami                    ¼ pound
Robiola                              ¼ pound
Parmesan                          ¼ pound
Gorgonzola                         ¼ pound
Dried fruit                           ¼ pound
Olives                                ¼ pound
Stuffed cherry peppers       ¼ pound

To serve:
Arrange on a platter before serving, be sure to refresh throughout the meal or evening. The amounts here are just a suggestion, you can adjust based on the size of your get together.

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