Making Meatballs on the Today Show

Making Meatballs on the Today Show

This Thursday, June 19th, I’ll be making meatballs, an antipasti platter, and sharing tiramisu secrets on THE TODAY SHOW! I am so stoked, and I hope you’ll tune in Friday morning to watch me.

Here are some things I like to put on an antipasti platter when I’m entertaining:

Antipasti Platter

Prosciutto di Parma           ¼ pound
Soppressata Sweet             ¼ pound
Soppressta Hot                  ¼ pound
Genoa Salami                    ¼ pound
Robiola                              ¼ pound
Parmesan                          ¼ pound
Gorgonzola                         ¼ pound
Dried fruit                           ¼ pound
Olives                                ¼ pound
Stuffed cherry peppers       ¼ pound

To serve:
Arrange on a platter before serving, be sure to refresh throughout the meal or evening. The amounts here are just a suggestion, you can adjust based on the size of your get together.

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