Video Gallery



Chef Matt Celebrates his 1st Father’s Day on the Plaza demonstrating ideas for Father’s Day Cookouts!

Check out Chef Matt as he shows Food & Wine how to make Pig Bleecker’s Pigs in a Blanket! 

Chef Matt visits the TODAY Show to demonstrate how to make Barbecue Pork Lasagna! 

Chef Matt stops by the TODAY Show to cook up a Coffee-Rubbed Brisket & Black Bean Chili.

Chef Matt visits the “Fantasy Zone” to review BBQ Basics! 

Chef Matt bring “Meatball Madness” to the TODAY Show! 

Matt and his Grandmother make a Timpano
together in this touching video.

Matt makes Del Posto’s Orecchiette
with the indomitable Eduardo Vallelobo.

Matt’s Videos for Mario Batali’s How-To Tuesday Collection

Matt recently made a bunch of brand NEW how-to Tuesday videos for Mario. Check them out to learn the basics.

Older Videos:


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