Video Gallery

Follow Chef Matt as he goes through the process of making Smoked Pastrami Pork Leg with Sweet & Spicy BBQ Mustard Sauce:

Chef Matt joins “The Meat Show” host Nick Solares to show how to layer Pig Bleecker’s famous Smoked Duck Lasagna:

Chef Matt shows viewers how they can create their own Crispy Pork Cutlets with Tuscan Salad at home: 

Chef Matt takes viewers inside Pig Bleecker in Greenwich Village to demonstrate how to prepare Dijon and Herb-Roased Pork Chops: 

Chef Matt talks New York vs. Dallas Football Snacks with Ellie Kemper and Jenna Bush on the TODAY SHOW! 

Cheff Matt plays the role of TODAY SHOW “Judge” as Craig Melvin & Dylan Dreyer face-off on the Plaza!

Check out Chef Matt as he shows Food & Wine how to make Pig Bleecker’s Pigs in a Blanket! 

Chef Matt visits the TODAY Show to demonstrate how to make Barbecue Pork Lasagna! 

Chef Matt stops by the TODAY Show to cook up a Coffee-Rubbed Brisket & Black Bean Chili.

Chef Matt visits the “Fantasy Zone” to review BBQ Basics! 

Chef Matt bring “Meatball Madness” to the TODAY Show! 

Matt and his Grandmother make a Timpano
together in this touching video: 

Matt makes Del Posto’s Orecchiette
with the indomitable Eduardo Vallelobo: 

Matt’s Videos for Mario Batali’s How-To Tuesday Collection

Matt recently made a bunch of brand NEW how-to Tuesday videos for Mario. Check them out to learn the basics.

Older Videos:


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